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A History of Victory
A Culture of Performance


We primarily acquire interests in operating companies and are engaged in managing and operating a core group of those companies. We believe that our long-term ownership and active involvement in the management and operations of companies helps maximize the value of those businesses for our shareholders.

Recurring Investment Themes

Industry Utilities

Technology-enabled platforms that are deeply embedded into
client systems and provide mission-critical solutions

Strong Intellectual Property

Competitive position

Large Total Addressable Market

Strong market position in attractive and growing markets

Transformation Opportunities

Opportunities to create additional value through strategic initiatives

Established, High Cash Flow Yield Companies

Focus on profitable businesses

Proven Investment Methodology — The Foley Playbook

Foley’s value creation playbook was created and first implemented at Fidelity National Financial (FNF) where it has been driving consistent outperformance for 30+ years.

In 1984, Foley acquired FNF for $3 Million when it was ranked 48th in the country among title insurance companies and had revenue of $6 Million (1).

Foley was the first to bring performance metric-driven management to the title insurance industry with a focus on operating profit optimization having delivered industry leading title margins over multi-decade economic cycles.

Foley also demonstrated a track record of consolidation as he acquired Chicago Title Insurance Company, creating the nation’s largest title insurer, followed by hundreds of acquisitions.

Foley recruited and mentored future industry leaders and executive officers.

Today, FNF is the nation’s largest title insurance and settlement services company.

(1) Revenue and ranking as of 1984. from FNF company website.

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